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SEE Faculty
SEE Faculty List (pdf)


Christopher Austin
Population genetics, systematics, biogeography, phylogeography and physiological and functional 
ecology of reptiles and amphibians


Mark Batzer
Mobile Element Biology, Computational Biology,Human Population Genetics, Primate Systematics


Meredith Blackwell
Mycology, systematics


Jeremy Brown
Computational Phylogenetics, Phylogeography, and Molecular Evolution


Kenneth Brown
Ecology and conservation of aquatic communities


Robb Brumfield
Avian population genetics and systematics


Prosanta Chakrabarty
Ichthyology, Biogeography, Systematics of Marine and Freshwater fishes


Brent Christner
Microbial ecology, physiology, and diversity; molecular biology; microbiology of the cryosphere


James Cronin
Population and Community Ecology, Plant-Herbivore-Natural Enemy Interactions, Ecological Genetics, Biological Pest Management


Maheshi Dassanayake 
Plant adaptions to abiotic stress and comparative genomics


Bret Elderd
Quantitative, Population, Disease, and Community Ecology


Jake  Esselstyn
Mammalian systematics and evolution

Fernando Galvez
Integrative Fish Biology, Environmental Physiology, Aquatic Toxicology


Steven C. Hand
Bioenergetics, molecular physiology, environmental control of gene expression, comparative biochemistry


Kyle Harms
Population, Community, and Evolutionary Ecology


Michael Hellberg
Molecular evolution, population genetics and speciation in marine invertebrates and fish


Dominique Homberger
Functional, ecological, and evolutionary morphology


Gary King
Microbial Ecology, Trace Gas Biogeochemistry, Physiological Ecology of Bacteria


Karen Maruska


William J. Platt
Plant population biology / ecology


J. V. Remsen


Fred Sheldon
Molecular systematics and ornithology


Richard Stevens
Community ecology, Macroecology, and Biogeography


William B. Stickle
Marine environmental physiology


J. Cameron Thrash


Lowell E. Urbatsch
Vascular plant systematics


G. Bruce Williamson
Tropical plant community ecology


E. William Wischusen
Vertebrate ecology