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CDIB Faculty
CDIB Faculty List (pdf)


Mark Batzer
Mobile Element Biology, Computational Biology,Human Population Genetics, Primate Systematics


John T. Caprio
Olfaction and Taste


Patrick J. DiMario 
Study of proteins involved with ribosome biogenesis and nucleolar structure. Posttranslational phosphorylation or 
methylation of individual nucleolin peptide domains.


Fernando Galvez
Integrative Fish Biology, Environmental Physiology, Aquatic Toxicology


Evanna L. Gleason
Cellular and synaptic physiology of retinal neurons


Steven C. Hand
Bioenergetics, molecular physiology, environmental control of gene expression, comparative biochemistry


Dominique Homberger
Functional, ecological, and evolutionary morphology


Naohiro Kato
Systems Biology; Functional Protein Network in Living Plant Cells


Roger A. Laine
Bioactivity and structure of complex carbohydrates, microbial diagnostics, termite chemical effectors, analysis and pharmacophores


John C. Larkin
Developmental genetics, cell differentiation, cell cycle, plant biology


David J. Longstreth
Plant Ecophysiology


John W. Lynn
Reproductive Physiology


Rui Lu 
RNAi mediated virus host interaction


Karen Maruska


James Moroney
Photosynthesis and bioenergetics


Joseph F. Siebenaller
Biochemical Adaptation to the Marine Environment


Jacqueline Stephens
Diabetes research, transcription factors, biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology


William B. Stickle
Marine environmental physiology


Ryoichi Teruyama